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What can UV printer do?

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Update time : 2021-05-13 21:58:12
What can UV printer do?
From the current large number of market use of uv flatbed printer customers, mainly for these four groups of people, the total occupancy can reach 80%.
1. Users of the advertising industry
This is the most widely used, after all, the number of advertising shops, advertising companies and market audience is also the most extensive.
Although not short of orders, but because of the competition for large profits relatively low.
2. Users of building materials industry
The background wall is mainly made of glass and ceramic tile, and the market is very hot these three years.
In particular, the custom 3d embossed 3d background wall is particularly popular, not only in great demand, but also with high added value.
But the threshold of this industry is higher, a uv flat printer is not enough, professional also need spray coating machine, engraving machine, mulching machine, sandblasting machine and other equipment, the total investment between 300,000 to 400,000.
3. Digital product industry
Many people are familiar with this industry, 12 years began to rise in shenzhen area, which represents the mobile phone shell diy custom is not fire.
A plastic case with printing cost less than 1 yuan, market price 20.
A lot of users often 2 months can recover the cost, although these years cool down, but after all, the phone keeps changing, the case of customized printing needs will not change.
By extension, there are ipad cases, keyboards, mouse pads and other digital products printed on the surface.
4. Arts and crafts industry
All kinds of small objects in the market of voluntary small commodities, such as combs, hair CARDS, eyeglasses frames, packaging boxes, pins, bottles, bottle caps, decorative paintings...
Hundreds of surfaces can be printed with uv printers.
The industry is very regional and tends to focus on sources.
In addition to these four popular customer industries, there are metal industry in some iron box, saw blade and other materials printing;

Leather industry in some leather bags, leather goods.and other products on the application; Some wood products in the board industry are printed on the surface...

Some Cosmox UV printer customer feedback share as follows:

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